About us

Since 2007, the Queensland State Emergency Service (SES) and NRMA Insurance have worked together to promote the storm safety message to all Queenslanders.

Combining the experience and resources of both organisations, our aim is to share valuable tips and information to help communities prepare for and survive severe weather events.


Whether it’s rescuing people stranded by floodwater, searching for lost bushwalkers or covering a roof after a storm, the SES has over 6,000 highly skilled volunteers that provide emergency assistance to communities throughout Queensland.

NRMA Insurance

As one of the leading insurance companies in Australia, NRMA Insurance is acutely aware of the devastation caused by severe storms. And with research showing that many households fail to take basic precautions to prepare for storms, our partnership with the QLD SES has been forged to help Queenslanders minimise the impact of dangerous weather events on their lives.