Supporting QLD SES volunteers

Supporting QLD SES volunteers

30 September 2011

After a year in which many Queenslanders experienced first-hand the valuable work the SES do, NRMA Insurance, as the major sponsor of the Queensland SES, has provided over $95,000 in equipment grants to 60 SES groups across the state.

Many of the grants fill equipment needs that were identified while SES units responded to calls for assistance during last summer’s natural disasters.

In addition to the essentials like chainsaws, sand-bagging and lighting equipment, many units have equipped their teams with Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

The GPS devices mean groups can be more accurate in a number of operational situations.

During this year’s events, many landmarks were submerged making paper maps redundant. The GPS gives greater effectiveness during missing person operations, identifying dangerous objects in our river systems and coordinating food and medication drops.

The NRMA Insurance Storm Heroes Grants program, now in its fourth year, aims to help groups either meet equipment shortfalls or educate the community on the steps they can take to prepare for future storms.