Bundaberg, it's time to 'Get Ready'

Minister Jack Dempsey launches storm season in Bundaberg

Floods rocked the Bundaberg community earlier this year, but residents have shown their resilience at a barbecue with Minister for Police and Community Safety Jack Dempsey.

Residents joined State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers, Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) officials, local councillors and Mr Demspey for a barbecue at Buss Park this morning.

“This morning’s event was all about resilience – something the Bundaberg community has proven they have in spades,” Mr Dempsey said.

“We can’t stop natural disasters, but we can make sure we’re well prepared and ready for floods, fires and storms when they hit.

“Preparing for a natural disaster is a community responsibility. SES volunteers are there to help where needed, but making sure you are ready ahead of an event saves a lot of time and work later on.

“At this morning’s barbeque, SES volunteers and EMQ officials educated the community on how to best prepare their homes and handed out sandbags and gloves for future use.

“Bundaberg has been through many natural disasters and always shown great community spirit during recovery. I’m sure this message of preperation is one residents will take to heart.”

The SES and NRMA Insurance are teaming up again this year to encourage communities to prepare for severe weather.

NRMA Insurance Community and Alliances Manager Megan Lupton stressed that preparation is key to weathering a storm safely.

“We know that many Queenslanders have previously admitted that they don’t adequately prepare their homes or have those important items like food, water and medication on hand to make sure they can wait out a storm safely and comfortably.

“We are also aware that more than half of Queensland home insurance claims last year were storm-related and much of this damage could have been avoided with some simple maintenance around the home.

“While we cannot control the weather, residents can prepare their home at this time of year and it could save a lot of the heartache.

“The best time to prepare for a storm is when you are not in the middle of one,” said Ms Lupton.

For further information and resources on how to prepare for disaster visit http://www.disaster.qld.gov.au/getready/