Insurers help Queensland prepare for natural disasters

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CGU and NRMA Insurance today launched a new education program to help Queensland communities better prepare for natural disasters, in support of the Queensland Government’s Get Ready initiative.

The CGU and NRMA Insurance education program will form part of Australia’s high-school business studies curriculum, educating students about the importance of understanding their local risks, anticipating what could happen, and making effective preparations.

Distributed through a range of online channels, the CGU and NRMA Insurance education program has been designed to provide instructional information and foster a new mindset to help Queensland communities bounce back more quickly after a natural disaster.

CGU and NRMA Insurance have also provided additional materials to the Queensland Department of Community Safety, which have been distributed to all of Emergency Management Queensland’s regional networks. These materials provide helpful information to Queenslanders on insurance and extreme weather events.

Queensland Minister for Police and Community Safety Jack Dempsey welcomed the new education program.

“I am greatly encouraged by CGU and NRMA Insurance’s determination to help support Queensland communities understand the risks they face and the steps they can take to prepare for natural disasters,” Minister Dempsey said.

“Insurers such as CGU and NRMA Insurance can play an integral role in helping to make our communities safer and more resilient.”

CGU General Manager Claims Donna Walker underlined the need for all Australians to better understand natural disaster risks and the importance of preparation.

“Many Queenslanders have experienced first-hand the devastation caused by recent natural disasters. Whilst we can’t predict the future, there are many things we can do to prepare for and reduce the impact of extreme weather events,” Ms Walker said.

“Our role as insurers goes beyond paying insurance claims. We want to help individuals and communities become safer and more resilient. A key part of this is to help the next generation who play an increasing role in helping safeguard our communities,” she said.

“CGU wholly supports the Queensland Government’s initiative to help Queenslanders get ready.”

NRMA Insurance Community and Alliances Manager Megan Lupton stressed that preparation is key to weathering natural perils safely.

“Through increased education and awareness of the risks in a community, people can better prepare their homes and potentially save a lot of the heartache that follows the impact of natural perils,” Ms Lupton said.

“As we know, the best time to prepare for a major weather event is when you are not in the middle of one.”

For more information about Get Ready Week please visit www.disaster.qld.gov.au/getready/ 

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About NRMA and CGU Insurance

NRMA Insurance and CGU Insurance are part of Insurance Australia Group (IAG) and offer personal and business insurance products in Australia.

NRMA Insurance has been operating for 88 years and offers a range of personal insurance products such as comprehensive motor insurance, home and contents insurance, comprehensive third party insurance, home security, lifestyle and leisure insurance and business insurance. They manage the insurance needs of millions of customers in New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania. www.nrma.com.au

CGU Insurance Limited is the largest provider of general insurance to Australia’s regional and rural communities, a leading workers’ compensation provider and one of Australia’s leading commercial insurers. CGU offers a comprehensive range of commercial, rural and personal insurance products through a network of over 1,000 insurance brokers and authorised representatives. CGU has been operating in Australia for 160 years and is part of Insurance Australia Group (IAG).

SES leader receives Storm Hero runner up award

Ann McGlashan from Inglewood SES has been named ‘Runner Up’ in the 2013 NRMA Insurance Storm Hero awards for commitment to her team.

NRMA Insurance Community and Alliances Manager Megan Lupton said the Storm Heroes Awards, now in their fifth year, celebrate hard-working SES volunteers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

“Ann is a fantastic leader of her team, which went from having six members to the 26 committed volunteers Inglewood and Texas SES have today. She is a passionate leader who pitches in to work with the team to respond to severe weather events and undertake community education.

“SES volunteers are committed to helping their local community and can always be counted on when severe weather hits. Ann’s contribution to her community is significant and extraordinary, and we are proud to recognise her for her efforts,” said Ms Lupton.

Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) Regional Director, Mike Shapland said Ann is a valuable member of the QLD SES and her local unit.

“Ann is a highly respected member of the Inglewood SES and of her local community. Over the last seven years she has led the team in their response to storm damage, flooding, traffic control and other emergencies. She is an amazing local controller to her teams in Inglewood and Texas and her contribution to the local community is invaluable.

EMQ Assistant Director-General Bruce Grady said SES volunteers continued to be a pillar of strength in local communities.

“SES volunteers always bring the best of themselves when nature is at its worst. We appreciate the difference awards such as NRMA Insurance’s Storm Heroes make in supporting and recognising our tireless volunteers,” he said.

NRMA Insurance has been supporting the Queensland SES since 2007 to help households better prepare for and recover from severe storms and rewarding SES volunteers with discounts on car and home insurance.

Storm Heroes grants equip Queensland SES groups

SES volunteers from forty six Queensland SES groups have received some much-needed new equipment, thanks to a Storm Heroes grant from NRMA Insurance.

NRMA Insurance, as the major sponsor of the Queensland SES, has provided almost $295,000 in equipment grants since 2008 to SES groups across the state supporting SES volunteers in their response to severe weather events.

NRMA Insurance Community and Alliances Manager Megan Lupton said the Storm Heroes Grants, now in their sixth year, celebrate hard-working Queensland SES teams and help them secure essential equipment.

“SES volunteers give generously of themselves and their time. In the past year they have worked tirelessly to respond to floods, storms and other emergencies. We are proud to be able to work with Qld SES units to provide them with the equipment and resources they need to continue their vital work for the community.

The successful SES groups will use their Storm Hero grants to purchase a range of equipment for use in storm damage operations, including:

  • Portable, waterproof lights and stands which help volunteers work more safely and efficiently
  • Cordless, rechargeable drills to help repair roofs without the need for hammer and nails
  • Fire-fighting water pump and fittings to speed up the process of cleaning mud and water from homes and properties
  • Generators to support storm recovery, traffic control and road crash rescue operations, as well as for use in refrigerating medication for elderly residents if power goes off

One group is also using its grant to fund the creation of a community emergency management web page to provide residents with localised emergency readiness and disaster resilience information.

Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) South East Regional Director Mike Shapland said the grants will help the groups play an even greater role in helping their communities recover from severe weather.

“SES volunteers are highly trained and work in difficult circumstances, often on roofs when it’s dark and wet, or in flood-impacted areas. Better equipment helps SES volunteers serve the community more safely and efficiently. We appreciate the difference grants such as NRMA Insurance’s Storm Heroes make in supporting our volunteers,” he said.

NRMA Insurance has been supporting the Queensland SES since 2007 to help households better prepare for and recover from severe storms and rewarding SES volunteers with discounts on car and home insurance.