Queensland, it's time to 'Get Ready'

Minister for Police and Community Safety Jack Dempsey today urged south east Queensland residents to get ready for this summer’s forces of nature in the leadup to the storm and cyclone season.

“On any given day, all Queenslanders could be faced with the threat of storm, cyclone or even bushfires but it’s ultimately up to us how we weather the storm and prepare ourselves,” Mr Dempsey said.

“Last year many Queenslanders, including some in Brisbane, were once again mopping up their homes after the widespread devastating floods in the wake of ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald.

“It’s up to everyone to ensure nobody is caught off guard by preparing our homes and families so emergency crews can be directed where they will do the most good.”

Mr Dempsey said dedicated State Emergency Services (SES) volunteers were out in force handing out important ‘Get Ready’ information and sandbags to commuters passing through King George Square, in an effort to build community resilience.

He said once again the Queensland SES and NRMA Insurance were joining forces to help people get ready for severe weather.

NRMA Insurance Community and Alliances Manager Megan Lupton stressed that preparation was key to weathering a storm safely.

“We know that many Queenslanders have previously admitted they don’t adequately prepare their homes or have those important items like food, water and medication on hand to make sure they can wait out a storm safely and comfortably,” Ms Lupton said.

“We are also aware that more than half of Queensland home insurance claims last year were storm-related and much of this damage could have been avoided with some simple maintenance around the home.

“While we cannot control the weather, residents can prepare their home at this time of year and it could save a lot of the heartache that comes with water damage.

“The best time to prepare for a storm is when you are not in the middle of one.”

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Storm Heroes grants equip Queensland SES groups

SES volunteers from forty six Queensland SES groups have received some much-needed new equipment, thanks to a Storm Heroes grant from NRMA Insurance.

NRMA Insurance, as the major sponsor of the Queensland SES, has provided almost $295,000 in equipment grants since 2008 to SES groups across the state supporting SES volunteers in their response to severe weather events.

NRMA Insurance Community and Alliances Manager Megan Lupton said the Storm Heroes Grants, now in their sixth year, celebrate hard-working Queensland SES teams and help them secure essential equipment.

“SES volunteers give generously of themselves and their time. In the past year they have worked tirelessly to respond to floods, storms and other emergencies. We are proud to be able to work with Qld SES units to provide them with the equipment and resources they need to continue their vital work for the community.

The successful SES groups will use their Storm Hero grants to purchase a range of equipment for use in storm damage operations, including:

  • Portable, waterproof lights and stands which help volunteers work more safely and efficiently
  • Cordless, rechargeable drills to help repair roofs without the need for hammer and nails
  • Fire-fighting water pump and fittings to speed up the process of cleaning mud and water from homes and properties
  • Generators to support storm recovery, traffic control and road crash rescue operations, as well as for use in refrigerating medication for elderly residents if power goes off

One group is also using its grant to fund the creation of a community emergency management web page to provide residents with localised emergency readiness and disaster resilience information.

Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) South East Regional Director Mike Shapland said the grants will help the groups play an even greater role in helping their communities recover from severe weather.

“SES volunteers are highly trained and work in difficult circumstances, often on roofs when it’s dark and wet, or in flood-impacted areas. Better equipment helps SES volunteers serve the community more safely and efficiently. We appreciate the difference grants such as NRMA Insurance’s Storm Heroes make in supporting our volunteers,” he said.

NRMA Insurance has been supporting the Queensland SES since 2007 to help households better prepare for and recover from severe storms and rewarding SES volunteers with discounts on car and home insurance.