Tin Can Bay

Tin Can Bay SES thanked for their help

Tin Can Bay SES - Storm Heroes Award (runners up) with Marianne Jaques, NRMA Insurance and Member for Gympie, David Gibson MP

Tin Can Bay SES has been named ‘Runner Up’ in the 2013 NRMA Insurance Storm Heroes Team Awards for their response to weather events and contribution in times of calm weather.

Ex TC Cyclone Oswald brought heavy rainfall and severe flooding to Tin Can Bay in January, wreaking havoc on local roads and damaging local homes. Tin Can Bay SES volunteers responded to requests for assistance with damaged roofs, flooded homes as well as support with traffic control measures.

NRMA Insurance Community and Alliances Manager Megan Lupton said the Storm Heroes Awards, now in their fifth year, celebrate hard-working Queensland SES teams who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

“SES volunteers are committed to helping their local community and can always be counted on when severe weather hits. Tin Can Bay SES volunteers lent a hand to locals, many of them elderly during the storm and continued their support through the recovery period.

“Tin Can Bay SES focuses on emergency response when needed, but also dedicates time and resources to keeping the local community informed. The volunteers took it upon themselves to provide road closure updates, advice on water heights both online and through community noticeboards.”

The Member for Gympie, David Gibson MP, congratulated the Tin Can Bay Unit on their Storm Hero Award.

“We deeply appreciate our local SES unit and know that they will be there for us when wild weather strikes,” Mr Gibson said. 

“This award highlights the vital work SES volunteers do to help our communities recover following severe weather and other emergencies.”

Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) South East Regional Director, Mike Shapland said the unit was happy to be there for local residents in this challenging time.

“I’m very proud of how Tin Can Bay SES volunteers responded to the storms in January, and of their unwavering dedication to community engagement. We have an ageing population and the team are very mindful of supporting them, and how to best communicate potentially life-saving information to various groups in the community. Our volunteers have also helped at Gayndah and are currently supporting recovery efforts in Bundaberg.”

The unit has been awarded $1,000 by NRMA Insurance, which will go towards purchasing essential storm response equipment.

EMQ Assistant Director-General Bruce Grady said SES volunteers continued to be a pillar of strength in local communities.“SES volunteers always bring the best of themselves when nature is at its worst. We appreciate the difference awards such as NRMA Insurance’s Storm Heroes make in supporting and recognising our tireless volunteers,” he said.

NRMA Insurance has been supporting the Queensland SES since 2007 to help households better prepare for and recover from severe storms and rewarding SES volunteers with discounts on car and home insurance.