Tune into warnings

If a severe weather warning or storm alert has been issued for your area, it’s important to gain as much information as possible to help you prepare and protect your family and home.


  • To your local radio and TV station for storm warnings and weather updates



  • For the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS) – this is the siren used at the beginning of storm warning announcements on radio and TV
  • For Emergency Alert messages on your landline and mobile phone
  • For warning sirens and announcements made by emergency services
  • For emergency services personnel who may knock on your door


  • Act quickly on advice given by emergency services
  • Ensure that every household member knows about warnings and advice
  • Check on neighbours and friends who may need special assistance
  • Shelter any pets or farm animals
  • Secure outdoor furniture and gardening items
  • Park vehicles under cover or protect with secured tarpaulins or blankets
  • Disconnect electrical items and turn off power, water and gas if instructed
  • Activate your Home Emergency Plan and get your Home Emergency Kit
  • Take shelter in the safest room in your house or evacuate as required